Advanced Standing Credit


Refer to General Principles for Transfer of Credit.


Calhoun Community College provides an opportunity for students to earn a reasonable amount of credit toward the Associate Degree or Certificate through methods other than formal classroom instruction. While nontraditional credit may apply toward degree and certificate programs granted by the college, it should not be assumed that such credit will automatically be accepted by other colleges.

Not more than 25% of total credit required for any program may be awarded through nontraditional means towards a degree from Calhoun. Students may not earn credit through nontraditional sources for any course in which a grade has been previously received.

The types of nontraditional credit and procedures to follow are listed below:


Calhoun Community College accepts credit earned through CLEP examinations provided appropriate scores are achieved and certain conditions are met. A minimum score at or above the 50th percentile is required for specific course credit.

Any elective credit earned by nontraditional means may apply toward the total number of hours required for graduation but may not apply toward specific requirements in a particular subject area. For example, elective credit in English will not meet degree requirements of six hours of composition.

Credit for SUBJECT EXAMINATIONS may be granted provided the student has not been enrolled for more than one week in the course for which credit is to be earned. CLEP credit is not granted for college level courses previously failed, for courses in which credit for higher level course work has been earned, or for both subject examination and its course equivalent. The CLEP Subject Exam will supersede the CLEP General Exam; credits will not be awarded for the Subject and General Exam in the same discipline. Only elective credit will be given for general exams.

CLEP SUBJECT EXAMINATIONS Scores for computer based tests only.
Examination Approx. Score CCC Equivalent Sem. Hrs.
Financial Accounting 50 BUS 241 3
Examination Approx. Score CCC Equivalent Sem. Hrs.
Management, Prin 50 BUS 275 3
Marketing, Prin 50 BUS 285 3
Composition and Literature
American Literature 50 ENG 251-252 6
College Comp 50 ENG 101-102 6
College Comp. Modular 50 ENG101 3
English Literature 50 ENG 261-262 6
Science and Mathematics
Biology 50 BI0 103-104 4-8
Calculus 50 MTH125 4
Chemistry 50 CHM111-112 8
Pre-calculus 50 MTH112 3
College Algebra 50 MTH 100 3
Social Sciences
American Government 50 POL211 3
Macroeconomics 50 ECO 231 3
Psychology, Intro 50 PSY 200 3
Sociology, Intro 50 SOC200 3
History of US to 1877 50 HIS201 3
History of US II 1865-present 50 HIS202 3
Western Civ 1 50 HIS 101 (HIS 121) 3
Western Civ II 50 HIS 101 (HIS 122) 3

Foreign Language
Credit for CLEP French, German, and Spanish allowed. Check with Admissions or Advising for specific test and scores.

The scores listed above are reflective of the computerized CLEP examination. Students who have CLEP scores from a paper and pen examination should contact the Admissions and Records Office for minimum scores to determine credit awards. Scores are estimates and subject to change without notice. The policy of granting credit through CLEP at Calhoun Community College may differ from policies at other colleges; check directly with other colleges to obtain their CLEP policy. The Huntsville Testing Center is an authorized CLEP Testing Center. For more information on CLEP testing at Calhoun, please see the CLEP information page at


Credit may be available for completion of approved Peace Officer Training Courses/Programs. Consult the Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences for information.


Calhoun adheres to policies prescribed by the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services published by the American Council on Education, in granting credit for military course work.


Credit may be granted through the following methods only:

  1. Comprehensive Departmental Challenge Examinations;
  2. CLEP General or Subject Examinations;
  3. An evaluation of training as detailed in the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs;
  4. Professional Secretary Certification (CPS);
  5. Other experiences which have been received by the American Council on Education and credit recommendations published.


Credit for the Advanced Placement Test will be awarded for a minimum score of three on subject tests. Not more than 25% of total credit required for any program may be awarded through non-traditional means towards a degree from Calhoun.


Credit may be awarded for IB courses provided:

  • Calhoun Community College recognizes International Baccalaureate (IB) credit with a score of 4 on the higher level examinations.

  • Reports of IB scores should be sent to the Calhoun Office of Admissions for evaluation.

  • Additional credit may be awarded on a course-by-course basis as approved by the department associated with the student's program. The department will determine the application of credits toward degree requirements.

  • Any credit awarded will be recorded without grades or quality points and will not be included in the calculation of grade point average.


Credit may be awarded for industry training provided:

  1. A specific contractual agreement is in effect.
  2. Industry training has been reviewed by the appropriate faculty in the discipline affected or designee.
  3. In no way shall this be interpreted as a means of reviewing industry training on an individual basis. Calhoun Community College does not conduct portfolio reviews.


Students who have completed technical coursework in high school and enroll in the same program with Calhoun Community College may be eligible to receive credit for the work completed in high school through statewide articulation agreements. Programs that are involved include, but are not limited to: Industrial Maintenance, Machine Tool Technology, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Electrical Technology, Design Drafting Technology, Health Science, Aerospace Technology, Computer Science, Business, Early Childhood Education, and Graphic Design.

To qualify for possible credit, a student must:

  1. must have earned a "B"or higher in courses to be articulated,
  2. must be admitted to Calhoun,
  3. will be awarded credit only for courses in their program of study at the college, and
  4. the student must request articulated credit no later than 16 months following high school graduation.

For specific information on programs, what credit may be awarded, and any other limitations, please contact the Dual Enrollment office at 256-306-2665 or 256-306-2671.Calhoun also works with Career/Technical administrators and faculty in the high schools to develop local articulation agreements, which award college credit for identified high school coursework. Local agreements have been established in the areas of technology, business, computer information systems, graphic arts, child development and medical terminology. The articulated high school courses contain the same course content as an equivalent college course and Calhoun has agreed to award college credit to those students who meet the requirements outlined in the course articulation agreement. In order to receive articulated credit through local agreements, a student must meet the same criteria outlined above.