Weapons Policy

No person shall keep, use, possess, display, or carry any rifle, shotgun, handgun, knife, bow and arrow, or other lethal or dangerous weapons or devices capable of casting a projectile by air, gas or explosion, or mechanical means on any property or in any building owned or operated by Calhoun Community College or in any vehicle on campus. Realistic facsimiles of weapons are also not allowed.

If an instructor approves such items to be demonstrated for class purposes only, the instructor and student must obtain permission from Calhoun Police.

Any such person seen with or using such weapons on campus will be subject to disciplinary and criminal charges.

Pursuant to ACCS board policy 511.01, Calhoun Community College adheres to the following:

Firearms are prohibited on campus or any other facility operated by the College. Exceptions to this policy are: Law enforcement officers legally authorized to carry such weapons who are officially enrolled in classes or are acting in the performance of their duties or an instructional program in which firearms are required equipment. If the off-duty officer is a student, he/she must notify campus police once a semester. A weapon is prohibited from any type of hearing for personal business.