Tuition and Fees

The following informations reflects the current tuition and fee schedule enacted by the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees.

In-State Students $127.00 per credit hour
Out-of-State Students $254.00 per credit hour
Technology Fee $9.00 per credit hour
Facility Renewal Fee $9.00 per credit hour
Special Building Fee $12.00 per credit hour
ACCS Enhancements Fee $10.00 per credit hour
Reserve Fee $1.00 per credit hour
Access/Wellness $10.00 per student


Technology fees are charged to all students restricted for the acquisition and provision of technology and technological applications for students.

Facility Renewal fees are charged to all students restricted for renewal and replacement of current facilities.

Special Building fees are charged to all students in order to secure bonded indebtedness for new construction of facilities.

ACCS Enhancements fee is charged for implementing comprehensive advancements at both the statewide and local levels geared towards improving every aspect of engagement with the current and potential community college students.  This fee is split evenly between local colleges and the System Office.  Local funding would be focused on upgrading the student experience through campus improvements including technological advancements, renovations or construction projects, and safety enhancements.  The System Office funding will be used to advance the establishment of a unified and collaborative community college system by increasing the services provided at the ACCS level to increase each college's ability to focus their efforts on student services and outcomes. 

Reserve fees are charged to all students restricted to the creation of a Bond Reserve Fund to be managed by the Chancellor and Presidents' Advisory Council.

Access/Wellness fees are charged to all students each semester to be used to offset the cost of maintaining parking lots and equip and manage the Wellness Center at Decatur and Huntsville. This fee is non-refundable beginning the first day of the term.

Distance education classes are charged the same rates and fees as above.

Students who register after classes begin may be charged a $25 late registration fee.

Additional charges by the institution and not mentioned above include the following:

  1. Returned check fee (by Alabama law) $30*
  2. Parking traffic citations (variable, depending on type of citation); check student handbook
  3. Tobacco use violation citation (see page 8)
  4. Replacement costs for Library books checked out and not returned (variable).
  5. Audit fees (auditing a course costs the same as taking the course for credit)

*Negotiating a worthless negotiable instrument is a Class A misdemeanor. Pursuant to Alabama law (Act No. 80-200, S. 317), a person will be given 10 days to tender payment of the full amount of such instrument plus a service charge of not more than $30. Unless this amount is paid in full within the specified time, the individual may assume that this instrument will be turned over to the proper authorities for criminal prosecution.