Security/Police Contact

The office of the Director of Calhoun Police is located in building #6 across
from the Machine Tool building on the Decatur campus.

The campus police in Huntsville location can be contacted in the Administrative office at that location. Officers are available whenever classes are in session. Calhoun police have the responsibility for the following:

1. Assisting students
2. Enforcing traffic and parking regulations and state laws
3. Providing for parking and traffic flow for special events (Students, faculty,
and staff must notify security when special events are scheduled on site)
4. Issuing decals (In Huntsville, decals are issued in the Welcome Center, Sparkman Building)
5. Maintaining building security
6. Responding to any emergency situation


256-306-2575, Decatur
256-890-4711, Huntsville

Emergency: 256-306-2911

NOTE: In case of a medical emergency, security will, at the individual’s
expense, call an ambulance for transporting to a nearby
emergency room for treatment.