Restroom Policy

Restrooms and locker rooms are designated separately for women, men and gender neutral. Gender neutral restrooms are identified as such and may be used by either gender. Any individual using the other biological gender's restroom or locker room may be subject to discipline. Gender neutral restrooms are available and located in the following locations:

Calhoun Community College Single Use Bathrooms

  1. ATC – Both a men’s and women’s single use restroom off of the hallway at the east end of the High Bay.
  2. Health Sciences – Unmarked single use restroom on the first floor next to the Men’s restroom.
  3. CAT – No single use restroom.
  4. Career Services - No single use restroom.
  5. IT – 2 men and 1 women single use restrooms.
  6. Campus Police – No single use restroom.
  7. Noble Russell – One single use unisex restroom off of the dressing room off of the main TV suite.
  8. CBIT – Both men’s and women’s single use restrooms in the Mechanical Lab.
  9. Testing Center/Adult Education – No single use restroom.
  10. Energy Technology – accessible, next to janitor’s closet.
  11. Industrial Technology – Aerospace wing - one single use women’s restroom in aerospace lab.
  12. Machine Tool – No single use restroom
  13. MSA – One unmarked single use (Family) restroom off of 1st floor vending, accessible.
  14. Chasteen Student Service Center – No single use restroom.
  15. Harris Hall – single use men’s and women’s bathrooms inside faculty suites on 1st and 2nd floor. No access code required for entry.
  16. Maintenance – One single use restroom.
  17. Library – Both men and women’s single use restroom next to special collections and the emergency exit in the back of the left side of the library, accessible.
  18. Gym – one single use bathroom next to women’s locker room, K-122.
  19. Ball Field Concessions – No single use restroom.
  20. ACA – No single use restroom.
  21. Huntsville, Sparkman Building - The unisex restroom is located in the hallway of the Huntsville Advising center.

Lactation Rooms
Lactation rooms are located in the following areas:
Decatur Campus: Brewer Library
Huntsville Campus:  Sparkman Building, Advising Center