Refund Methods

When a refund is due to a student from any payment made on MyCalhoun, that refund will be credited back to the original method of payment (i.e. debit or credit card). If the refund is more than the original payment amount, the remaining balance will be issued through BankMobile using the reimbursement method selected by the student.

Calhoun uses BankMobile for all refunds in an effort to get the money into the hands of students quickly and easily. All students are required to register with Bank Mobile. During registration, students will select one of the following reimbursement methods:

  • Direct deposit to an existing checking or savings account, or
  • BankMobile Vibe Account


The address information used by BankMobile is sent by Calhoun. If a student's address is incorrect, the information needs to be updated through MyCalhoun. Address changes are submitted by the College to BankMobile. Calhoun no longer prints refund checks, therefore the Business Office cannot hold checks for pick up.

Timeframe for each Reimbursement Method

BankMobile Vibe Account - Same day funds released by Calhoun

Direct Deposit to Checking or Savings Account - 2 - 3 Business Days

Steps to Register with Bank Mobile

First, look for the green envelope in the mail. Visit Enter your personal code to get started. Select the option that best fits you.