Parking/Traffic Decals

Student parking for the Huntsville campus is restricted to the open lots to the east and south of the building. Parking for the Decatur campus is restricted to the open lots that run north and south throughout the campus. No parking is allowed on either campus against the curbs, which are reserved for emergency vehicles.

  1. Decals can be acquired at no charge at the Cashier's Office in Chasteen Student Services Center. Permits also can be acquired from the Welcome Center, Grand Foyer, Sparkman Building in Huntsville.
  2. Decals must be hung on rear-view mirror of automobiles/trucks or affixed where visible on motorcycles.
  3. White Decals-Employee
    Dark Blue Decals-Student
    Yellow Decals - Handicapped Persons (obtained from the ADA Office)
  4. If a student drives more than one vehicle on campus regularly, the student must have a decal for each vehicle.
  5. In the event of car trouble or other extenuating circumstances, temporary decals may be obtained from the administrative office. Temporary permits must be obtained immediately upon arrival and displayed in vehicle.
  6. Decals expire August 31 of each year.