Motor Vehicle Registration

All students driving any type of motor vehicle on campus must secure and properly affix an official college parking decal to the vehicle regardless of the location of classes. Parking decals are available at the switchboard at the Decatur campus or the Administrative Office in Huntsville. For students who have received disability access license plates or disability access placards for Disability Access Parking Privileges under Alabama law and who wish to use College disability access parking spaces, special disability access parking placards can be obtained on the second floor of Chasteen Student Services Center, Room 220G upon appropriate documentation by the respective student of having received Disability Access Parking Privileges. Decals may also be obtained in Huntsville at the Administrative Office. In the interest of safeguarding designated disability access parking spaces from misuse by persons who are not properly entitled to use those spaces, the use of disability access parking spaces will be only permitted for those cards that display both a College disability access decals and either a disability access license plate or a disability access placard.