Grading Policies

Students may withdraw from class, or the College, prior to the last day of the withdrawal period for the semester or term, as published in the College Class Schedule. To withdraw from class or the College, students must withdraw using their MyCalhoun account. Students who withdraw prior to the deadline will be assigned a grade of "W". However, a grade of "F"will be assigned to students who fail to satisfactorily complete the requirements of a course or who voluntarily discontinue class attendance and fail to follow the College's official withdrawal procedure.

The following letter symbols are used to indicate the student's level of achievement in courses taken:
A - Excellent (90-100)
B - Good (80-89)
C - Average (70-79)
D - Poor (60-69)
F - Failure (Below 60)
S - Successful
U - Unsuccessful

AU - Audit
I - Incomplete
W - Withdrawal


NOTE: Some programs and/or courses may require a higher numeric range than the standard noted above.

A, B, C are letter grades which represent levels of accomplishment sufficient to allow students to progress satisfactorily toward graduation and/or prerequisite requirements.

D is a letter grade which indicates minimum level accomplishment. Some courses/programs require a minimum of a "C" grade to progress to the next course or to remain eligible for continuation in a program of study.

F is the letter grade assigned to students who fail to meet minimum course requirements.

W is the letter grade assigned when a student withdraws or is administratively withdrawn from a course/courses after the drop/add period until the withdrawal deadline; the specific date can be found in the Class Schedule for each term.

I as a letter grade indicates incompletion of course requirements; thus an "I" is not a satisfactory completion and will not allow a student to progress to the next course level. An "I" is awarded only under extenuating circumstances. An "I" typically is used to signify that an instructor has granted permission to a student to complete work or that the Dean or designee has approved the student take his/her final examination late. Other circumstances as approved by the instructor and/or Dean or designee may be granted. The student must be aware that he is not to sign up for the course again, but to see the instructor promptly and complete the course requirements.

Regardless of the circumstances, a grade of I must be changed by the end of the following term or it will be converted to an F.

S - Co-op, practicums, and training for Business and Industry.
U - Co-op, practicums, and training for Business and Industry.

Grade Points
A student's academic standing or Grade Point Average (GPA) is a means to evaluate the overall quality of work being done. In order to perform this measure, the following grade points are assigned.

A 4 grade points per hour
B 3 grade points per hour
C 2 grade points per hour
D 1 grade point per hour
F 0 grade points per hour
S 0 grade points per hour
U 0 grade points per hour

The student's grade point average is obtained by dividing the total grade points earned by the total number of semester hours for which the grades of A, B, C, D, or F are assigned. Grades of W, IP, and AU do not affect the grade point average. A student must have a total overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) on all courses used for graduation in order to be eligible for graduation from Calhoun. (Developmental courses will not apply to the graduation audit).