1. The following schedule of fee penalties will be applied to parking and traffic violations.
    1. Failure to properly display parking decals in vehicle $10.00
    2. Speeding on campus $10.00
    3. Running stop sign $10.00
    4. Unauthorized parking in zones for disabled
      Decatur $50.00
      Huntsville $50.00
    5. Fire lane violations,
      Huntsville $50.00
    6. Improper parking (example: taking up two spaces) $10.00
    7. Other violations (example: obscured decal,
      entering or exiting in the wrong direction) $10.00
  2. All fines must be paid within 7 days of ticketing. Fines that are not paid within the 7 days automatically double.
  3. A student may not register for classes nor have transcripts released until all fines are paid.
  4. Any student wishing to appeal a parking/traffic fine may do so by appearing before the S.G.A. Parking/Traffic Appeals Committee. This is a three-member committee made up of students appointed by the Student Government Association. It is charged with the responsibility of hearing and ruling on each case in which a student appeals having received a parking ticket. The committee meets on a scheduled basis in Chasteen Student Services Center, Decatur Campus. Parking appeals in the Huntsville location should be made to the Dean of that site.