Financial Aid Appeal

  • Students may submit a Financial Aid Appeal if they can provide documented proof of mitigating circumstances. Mitigating circumstances are those that are beyond the student's control.
  • Students must submit the appeal and all documentation pertaining to the appeal, by the published appeal deadline. Submitting a Financial Aid Appeal is NOT an automatic approval.
  • The Financial Aid Committee will meet every 30 days to consider completed appeals. The decision of the appeals committee is final.
  • Students will be notified of the decision made by the committee by e-mail.
  • Students must follow the terms of their appeal if approved or their Financial Aid will be suspended.


What happens when you do not meet the requirements?

  • You are no longer eligible for financial aid - including work, loans, grants or scholarships. If on a Warning Status - eligibility may continue (note below).
  • Because you do not qualify for financial aid, you must pay your tuition and fees by the payment deadline or your registration will be canceled by the Business Office.

Maximum Time Frame (maximum attempted credit hours) - When you have attempted the maximum credit hours, you are no longer eligible to receive financial aid.

Is there extended eligibility for a 2nd degree? - Yes, upon a successful SAP appeal, you may attempt a total of 150% of the hours needed to complete your first degree plus 33 additional hours. The standard is 64 x 150% = 96 + 33 = 129 attempted hours.

Low Completion Ratio - There are three statuses for low completion ratio before your eligibility for financial aid is canceled.

  • Warning Status - The first time you fall short of meeting the required completion ratio, your status is Warning. You remain eligible to receive financial aid while in warning status.
  • Failure Status (Loss of Eligibility) - After attending one semester on Warning status, if you do not meet the required completion ratio, your status becomes Failure Status. You are no longer eligible to receive financial aid until the required standards are met. You must successfully appeal to regain eligibility.
  • Probation Status - After being placed on a Failure Status, AND a student has successfully appealed and financial aid has been reinstated, the student is eligible to receive financial aid. This status is only for one term and quite often will carry conditions and/or stipulations for continued eligibility.

Students who are receiving financial aid and are on warning or probation status must not withdraw or receive any grades below a "C" in order to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Appeal Requirements:

  1. A typewritten explanation of extenuating circumstances associated with Failure Status. Indicate how these circumstances have changed so that you can comply with regulations in the future. Attach supporting documents to support the extenuating circumstances mentioned in the letter.

    Please note that only extenuating circumstances will be considered for appeal. Extenuating circumstances must be unexpected circumstances that are beyond your control. Typical adjustments to college life such as, being young/immature, underestimating the time required for studying, failing to manage one's time wisely, or failing to attend class on a regular basis without documented hardship will not be considered as extenuating circumstances.
  2. Include a MAPS plan for academic improvement from the Advising Center. This requires that you meet with an Academic Advisor to have this plan of action created.
  3. Attach at least one letter of support from someone that can substantiate the extenuating circumstances. This individual should not be a family member. Examples would include a medical doctor, clergy, professional, etc.
  4. Attached the SAP Appeal form and the MAPS. Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed. If you have thoroughly read and understand the Financial Aid Appeal Policy Details and Appeal Requirements and wish to file an appeal for consideration, please complete all requirements/forms and return it to the Office of the Student Financial Services. You will be informed of the committee's decision within five business days of the date your appeal was reviewed by the Appeals Committee.
  5. The appeals forms must be provided to the Office of the Student Financial Services within the prescribed dates as noted on the SAP Appeal Form. Failure to provide these within the prescribed dates will result in a delayed determination.
  6. An objective committee, composed of selected individuals outside the Office of Student Financial Services, determines whether the appeal is approved. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final and cannot be appealed further.
  7. Appeal Denials or Non-appeals - If you are denied an appeal or you decide not to appeal, you must complete the necessary hours and earn the appropriate grades. Once you have reached the prescribed standards you become eligible to receive financial aid.

No Progress (receiving all Fs or all Ws)

Students receiving all Fs orWs will be placed on SAP Warning beginning the following semester regardless of the students' cumulative GPA, and their continued financial aid eligibility will be checked consistent with policy (the following term).