EMS 256: Paramedic Team Leadership

Credits 1
Skills Laboratory/Clinical Practice

This course is designed to evaluate students’ ability to integrate didactic, psychomotor skills, clinical, and field internship instruction to serve as a competent entry-level paramedic. This final evaluative (rather than instructional) course focuses on students’ professional attributes and integrative competence in clinical decision-making and team leadership in the prehospital setting. Upon course completion, students should have demonstrated adequate knowledge and skills, professional attitudes and attributes, clinical decision-making and team leadership abilities to effectively function as a competent entrylevel paramedic.


EMS 240, EMS 241, EMS 242, EMS 243, EMS 244, EMS 245, EMS 246, EMS 247 AND EMS 248


EMS 253, EMS 254 and EMS 255