Drug Policy Standards of Conduct and Enforcement

Calhoun Community College is a public educational institution of the State of Alabama and, as such, shall not permit on its premises, or at any activity which it sponsors, the possession, use, or distribution of any alcoholic beverage or any illicit drug by any student, employee, or visitor. In the event of the confirmation of such prohibited possession, use, or distribution by a student or employee, Calhoun Community College shall, within the scope of applicable Federal and State due process requirements, take such administrative or disciplinary action as is appropriate. For a student, the disciplinary action may include, but shall not be limited to, suspension or expulsion. For an employee, such administrative or disciplinary action may include, but shall not be limited to, reprimand, or suspension or termination of employment, or requirement that the employee participate in and/or successfully complete an appropriate rehabilitation program. Any visitor engaging in any act prohibited by this policy shall be called upon to immediately cease such behavior. If any employee, student or visitor shall engage in any behavior prohibited by this policy which is also a violation of Federal, State, or local law or ordinance, that employee, student, or visitor shall be subject to referral to law enforcement officials for arrest and prosecution.