Distance Learning

Distance Learning focuses on utilizing technology and teaching methods to provide instruction to students outside the regular classroom and thereby increase flexibility and scheduling options.  Distance Learning Courses at Calhoun Community College include the following:

  • A hybrid course is one in which a majority of instruction is delivered online through Blackboard, a learning management system.  Hybrid courses will have required meetings on campus and required assignments online.  These courses typically meet once per week or less for lectures or labs.  Calhoun identifies a hybrid course with an "H" in the course section of the semester course schedule.
  • An asynchronous online course is one in which instruction is delivered entirely online through Blackboard, a learning management system. Although the course content is delivered entirely online, students may be required to take exams in the Testing Center on either campus, or at an approved testing location. Some courses also utilize online test proctoring software like Respondus or Honorlock. There may be additional fees to use outside testing centers. Calhoun identifies an asynchronous online course with a "W" in the course section of the semester course schedule.
  • A synchronous online course is one that utilizes a web conferencing tool to hold scheduled online meetings on a weekly basis. The course schedule will list specific days and times for these meetings when a student registers. There will be additional course materials and assignments available in Blackboard. The instructor may require proctored exams similar to an asynchronous online course. Calhoun identifies a synchronous online course with an ā€œSā€ in the course section of the semester course schedule.
  • A hy-flex course offers students the option to attend in-person or participate virtually via a web conferencing tool. Students have the option to change their mode of attendance from week to week. Calhoun identifies a hy-flex course with an ā€œFā€ in the course section of the semester schedule.

All distance learning courses require a reliable and current computer and Internet access, preferably high-speed. . A list of minimum technical requirements can be found at https://calhoun.edu/distance-learning/technical-requirements/. Additionally, Distance Learning courses require computer literacy and reading comprehension skills, as well as self-discipline and motivation. Students register for Distance Learning courses in the same way they register for traditional courses. For additional information, please visit our website, www.calhoun.edu, or contact Distance Learning Services at dlservices@calhoun.edu or 256-306-2998.