Degree Requirements


  1. Applicants must satisfy requirements either as stated in the current college catalog at the time of graduation, or as stated in any catalogs from the five (5) previous academic years. Students readmitted to Calhoun Community College will be required to update their catalog to the term of readmission.
  2. Applicants must complete 60 - 76 semester hours of college credit work in a planned program of study. (Courses considered as developmental will not apply toward degree requirements.)
  3. Applicants must earn a minimum overall grade point average of 2.00 for all courses attempted at the institution. A course may be counted only once for purposes of meeting graduation requirements.
  4. Applicants must complete at least 25% of the total semester hours of degree requirements at Calhoun Community College.
  5. Applicants are expected to be enrolled during the semester the degree is earned. However, those students who are within five calendar years from the last semester of attendance at Calhoun and have transferred to another college or university are encouraged to transfer credits back to Calhoun to complete the requirements for a degree. Generally, a minimum grade of"C"is required in the courses transferred.
  6. The application for graduation should be submitted at least one term prior to your planned term of graduation. Completing your application at least one term prior to graduation will allow the Admissions and Records Office time to perform a graduation audit and notify students of audit results. This process also allows time for adjustments to a student's academic plan, as needed. There is no cost to have your degree posted on your academic transcript or for diplomas. 
  7. Applicants must clear all procedural, operational, and financial obligations to the College.