Course Forgiveness Policy

Courses completed at Calhoun may be repeated at Calhoun. The last grade earned excluding W, and AU will be the grade used for graduation audits. Courses may not be repeated at another institution and used as a component of Calhoun's Course Forgiveness Policy.

  1. If a student repeats a course once, the second grade (excluding grades of W, IP or AU) replaces the first grade in his/ her cumulative grade point average if the student files a written request with the Admissions and Records Office.
  2. When a course is repeated more than once, all grades for the course, excluding the first grade, will be employed in computation of the cumulative grade point average provided the student has requested course repeat as noted in item 1.
  3. Transcripts will list all courses and the grades earned. A repeat symbol, 'R,' may denote a course repeat. Zero credit hours can also indicate a course repeat. A transfer institution may choose to average all coursework regardless of Calhoun's institutional policy.
  4. A student must request, by submission of the appropriate form, that the Registrar implement the "Course Forgiveness" policy after a course has been repeated.