Course Forgiveness Policy

Course Forgiveness and Repeat Policy

Courses completed at Calhoun may be repeated at Calhoun. Courses may not be repeated at another institution and used as a component of Calhoun's Course Forgiveness Policy.

Course forgiveness is implemented when a student repeats a course and the last grade awarded (excluding grades of W and WP) replaces the previous grade in the computation of the cumulative grade point average. The grade point average during the term in which the course was first attempted will not be affected (i.e., the first attempt will be excluded and therefore will no longer factor into the cumulative GPA). The official transcript will list the course and grade each time it is attempted.

When a student completes a course more than once, all grades for the course (excluding the first grade) will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average. Official transcripts will list each course in which a student was enrolled.

A student may repeat a course more than once, but that course may be counted only once toward fulfillment of credit hours for graduation. The last grade earned will be the only class used for purpose of graduation. If the course is failed on the last attempt, it will still be the course used for graduation purposes and will need to be retaken, if it is part of the required curriculum for the current program of study.

At the time that grades are placed on the official transcript - after the conclusion of all final exams - the course forgiveness/repeat rules will automatically be applied, and each transcript will reflect the Alabama Community College System’s policy pertaining to computation of repeated courses.