College instructors are required to provide a syllabus to each student enrolled in their course. The syllabus establishes the instructor's expectations, policies, procedures, course content, course schedule, and other information defining the requirements of the course for the student. Upon receiving the syllabus, students are deemed to be on notice of its contents and are assumed to understand and abide by the expectations, policies, and procedures stated therein. Students who have questions regarding the syllabus should first consult their instructor and, if necessary, the department chairperson before contacting the Dean.

If a student fails to officially withdraw from a course, this could result in a grade of F and adversely impact financial aid.

Final Examination Attendance

Attendance at final examinations is mandatory. Such examinations are administered in all academic subjects at the end of each semester in accordance with an examination schedule issued by the Dean or designee. Any student who must miss a final examination has the responsibility of notifying his/her instructor to make arrangements to take the final examination on an alternate date, if possible. This is accomplished by filling out a form entitled "Permission to Alter Final Examination Schedule" which may be obtained in divisional/departmental offices. One copy of the form is retained by the faculty member and one copy is retained by the student. Faculty members should not change the published class examination schedule without prior approval from the Dean or designee.