Athletic competition is an integral part of the overall educational program at Calhoun Community College. Academic success is the primary goal of each and every student athlete and member of the Athletic Department staff.

At Calhoun, we believe athletics contributes to education. Success, failure, social contributions, respect for authority, competition, physical growth, mental health, leadership, quick thinking, sacrifice, and self-discipline only scratch the surface of the areas in which athletics contribute. Calhoun's Athletic Department believes the playing area acts as a laboratory of life and encourages participation for the fullest development of each individual's maximum potential.

Education is an investment for tomorrow as well as a requirement of our democratic way of life. Education will be kept in its proper perspective as our foremost goal.

Calhoun Community College is a member in good standing of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAAE), the Alabama Community College Conference (ACCC), and Bass Nation. Calhoun competes in Baseball, Basketball, Bass Fishing, Cross Country, Esports, Golf, Softball, and Volleyball.