Associate of Science (A.S. Degree)

Calhoun Community College students graduating with the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree may transfer with junior status into a variety of majors at Alabama public colleges and universities. The number of applied credit hours to be transferred and the level of attainment will be determined by the standards required by the institution to which the student is transferring. The courses completed in the A.S. degree must be those approved by the Articulation and General Studies Committee (ASGC) as listed in the Alabama Transfers Guide (formerly known as STARS).

Students planning to pursue transfer to a four-year university should complete an official transfer agreement and Area V program of study to an Alabama university (or contact the transfer institution if out of state for transferability guidance) to ensure transfer readiness and satisfaction of course and program requirements. Please contact a Calhoun academic advisor to finalize a plan of study.

The State of Alabama requires the following hours per area for an Associate of Science degree:

Areas of Study   Credit Hours
Area I Written Composition 6
Area II Humanities and Fine Arts 12
Area III Natural Science and Mathematics 11
Area IV History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences 12
Areas I–IV General Education Requirements 41
Area V Technical Core, Technical Concentration, and Electives 19-23
Total Hours Required   60-64

The College has developed Example Plans of Study for several common majors at four year institutions in Alabama, but students should complete an official transfer agreement for the college or university to which they plan to transfer in order to ensure they are taking the proper courses.