ADM 114: Design Innovation

Credits 3
Theory Credit
Experimental Laboratory Credit

This course introduces students to concepts that enable them to think like a designer when approaching architectural, engineering, and additive manufacturing tasks. Emphasis will be placed on design and problem-solving skills when working independently or with a team. This course focuses on giving students exposure to creativity, problem-solving skills, and the design processes in which a design-centered approach will be employed to develop innovative solutions. This course includes components to develop basic skills to express innovative solutions to design problems with the application of projects, drawings, and oral and written communication skills. Students will be introduced to related computer-based tools used by architects, engineers, and design manufacturers. (e.g., spreadsheet, word processing, presentation software, and Internet). Based tools used by architects and engineers (e.g. spreadsheet, word processing, presentation software, and the Internet).


C or better in ADM 108 or DDT 109 or DDT 132