ADM 108: Introduction to 3D Modeling

Credits 3
Theory Credit
Experimental Laboratory Credit

This course introduces the fundamentals of 3D parametric CAD software for the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings.  Students will use SolidWorks software to sketch, create, edit, and constrain 3D solid models, as well as create and dimension 2D drawings per ASME standards from these models.

The course focuses not only on the individual tools available in the software, but also on the best approach to the use of these tools, so that the design progresses in a logical manner, producing an effective and efficient design process.  The elements of global collaboration are introduced along with printing concepts.  A hands-on approach is used in this class to build a foundation for the continued training and application.


It is recommended that students take DDT 111 prior to enrolling in this course. DDT 111 can also be taken in the same semester. It is recommended that students have basic computer skills before taking this class.