Adult Education

This program offers adults the opportunity to prepare for the WorkKeys, High School Equivalency test and the ASVAB. Alabama has chosen to award the GED® as the official High School Equivalency for the State. The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is also awarded to those Adult Education students who take the WorkKeys test in the areas of Applied Math, Reading for Information and Locating Information. A score of 3 will earn bronze, 4 silver and 5 a gold certificate.

Persons who speak a foreign language have the opportunity to learn to speak English through our English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Distance Learning is offered for Adult Education students who qualify and meet the minimum technology requirements.

Each participant in any Adult Education program begins by taking an assessment test to determine qualifications and his/her strengths and weaknesses. Instruction is on an individualized basis. Based upon the results of the Assessment test, the student and instructor design a program to help reach the student's goals. All Adult Education programs are free of charge.

Contact the Adult Education office at 256-306-2830 in Decatur or 256-890-4793 in Huntsville for additional information.

The Bridge Program is a series of fast-paced courses designed to prepare students for college level math and language classes. The program is open to all students with a GED or HS diploma who desire extra help before college. All classes are free. The Language Bridge program is a 7 week course, while the Math Bridge program is a 5 to 15 week course depending on need. You will need a photo ID and a copy of your ACCUPLACER score to register. For Decatur site information please call the Decatur office at 256-306-2830; for Huntsville site information please call the Huntsville Office at 256-713-4805.

Adult Education students also have access to our counseling services to explore educational and career pathways. Assistance is offered with the steps and skills related to transitioning to both college and the workforce. Contact the Transition Counseling office at 256-890-4810.

High School Equivalency Options - GED® Test

Calhoun Community College's high school equivalency option is the GED® Test. Our primary mission is to provide a reliable process for certifying that adults possess the major and lasting outcomes of a traditional high school education. Calhoun Community College accepts the GED® diploma as well as other diploma options as a component for admission. To register for the GED:

  • You must register on line at and set up a Student account.

  • Test fees are paid on-line at using a credit or debit card. Students enrolled in Adult Education classes may be eligible for a fee waiver of $100 of the $120 fee for the entire test through the use of vouchers. Each of the four (4) sections of the test may be taken individually or grouped together.
  • Special accommodations are available upon approval. Go to:


The GED® test is administered at both the Decatur and Huntsville locations.