Academic Bankruptcy

  1. A student may request in writing to the Registrar a declaration of academic bankruptcy under the following conditions for coursework attempted with Calhoun:
    1. Student must have completed 12 semester credit hours of coursework at the College since the most recent semester for which the academic bankruptcy is requested. A grade of "C"or higher is required in each course in the 12 semester hours in the post-bankruptcy period.
  2. When academic bankruptcy is declared, the transcript will reflect the semester of its implementation and the transcript will indicate "ACADEMIC BANKRUPTCY IMPLEMENTED."
  3. Academic Bankruptcy may be implemented only ONCE.
  4. Academic Bankruptcy may be applied to no more than 3 semesters.
  5. Student may be liable for the repayment of any federal financial aid, veterans benefits, or other forms of financial assistance.
  6. Implementation of academic bankruptcy at Calhoun does not guarantee that other institutions will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institution(s).