A Message from the Vice President of Student Services

Welcome to Calhoun! We are delighted that you are here as a student; but more importantly, we are eager to support your ambition and motivation to succeed not only at Calhoun but in the years ahead as you pursue your dreams and goals. Your Calhoun education is the pathway to achieving those goals! The faculty and staff of Calhoun are committed to student success and completion. We want you to be that successful student; and we want you to complete your certificate, your degree, and/or your transfer options to a four-year degree.

This Student Handbook has been designed to be your source of information as well as your motivation when you need a little extra support. We know that you may be balancing your life as a student along with the responsibilities of a job or a family or other obligations. Your academic work is very important, however, and this Handbook can provide you with key resources on campus, various aspects of campus life, and important student policies.

Most importantly of all, Calhoun faculty, staff, and even other students can all be the source for good advice or just some sympathetic listening when needed.

I wish you a very successful year at Calhoun! Let me know how I can be of service.

Dr. Patricia A. Wilson
Vice President of Student Services