A Message from the Student Engagement Coordinator

The Department of Student Engagement provides a pathway for students to create a sense of community and foster passions while developing leadership and life skills. Through various programs and student-led organizations, students are empowered to create unique co-curricular experiences, meaningful relationships, and memories that last a lifetime. We believe that student engagement is essential to providing every student the opportunity to learn from others while promoting individual growth and development. We want you to be engaged on campus and believe it will provide a positive impact on your education while here at Calhoun. There are numerous, exciting events and programs planned for students every year. We encourage you to explore all that Calhoun has as to offer. Our mission in the Student Engagement Office is simple - to support you while creating a living-learning community that allows you to thrive, belong, and engage world citizens. Clearly, you are the heart of the college and an integral part of our campuses.  We hope you enjoy your Calhoun experience. Get Active! Get Involved! Stay Connected!

“Embrace every good opportunity you encounter; some will get you informed; others will get you inspired… Some will get you involved and others you make you improved!”

― Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Raymond King – Student Engagement Coordinator